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| January 26, 2021

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Discover Schwarzkopf Professional’s new BLONDME Detoxifying System

Discover Schwarzkopf Professional’s new BLONDME Detoxifying System
Sam Robinson

Responding to the growing demand for in-salon services that strengthen the delicate structure of blonde hair – Schwarzkopf Professional’s leading blonde hair brand, BLONDME launches a brand-new Detoxifying System.

Bright Blonde,

For healthy-looking, bright blonde results: The BLONDME Detoxifying System is Schwarzkopf Professional’s first blonde recovery regime designed to revive and protect blonde hair in 3 easy steps. Devoted to lasting blonde haircare, the new range is also powered by BLONDME’s integrated Bonding Technology – with Vitamin C, Amino Acids, Moringa Seed and Malic Acid, known for detoxifying, strengthening and protecting properties.


BLONDME Detoxifying System

Everyday life can take its toll on salon-fresh blonde hair; environmental aggressors such as pollution and chlorine, or even styling products can leave blonde hair brassy and dull. Thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME Detoxifying System, blondes can enjoy revived colour, whilst retaining a sparkling clear blonde result for longer.

BLONDME Detoxifying System Purifying Bonding Shampoo (1000ml/250ml) £15.20 / €18.25

A clarifying cleanser to remove impurities and mineral build-up from the hair’s outer layer:

• Gently cleanses without overburdening with Malic Acid (known for its detoxifying properties)
• Removes residues such as dust, pollution, styling products and hard water minerals from the hair
• Leaves hair feeling soft and supple

BLONDME Detoxifying System Shot (5x5g mono-dose in-salon pack)

Designed to be freshly mixed with the BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Mask for All Blondes, as part of the In-Salon Detoxifying Service:

• Sweeps away hard water minerals and other residues • Strengthens the hair from the inside out • Recovers brightness and shine.

BLONDME Detoxifying System Bi-Phase Bonding & Protecting Spray (150ml) £16.35 / €19.75

A daily, lightweight protective mist that nourishes and shields the hair from environmental aggressors:

• Creates a water-repellent film
• With detoxifying Moringa Seed extract, it seals the cuticle and helps to protect the hair externally
• For use after every wash.


Salon + At Home

In salon, the BLONDME Detoxifying System works together to deeply detoxify and instantly refresh; bringing back healthy-looking shine to dull blonde hair. Whilst at home, salon clients can create their own 2-step detoxifying regime with the BLONDME Detoxifying System Purifying Bonding Shampoo and the BLONDME Detoxifying System Bi-Phase Bonding & Protecting Spray.

Answering The Issue

Global BLONDME Ambassador and award-winning Balayage expert, Jack Howard, shares his passion for beautiful blonde hair:  “Blondes always struggle to maintain brightness and that fresh feel, simply because of daily aggressions such as water and pollution. For years I’ve struggled to help my clients with these issues but now BLONDME Detoxifying System has answered this issue thanks to its first ever blonde recovery system with the skill and expertise that you’d expect from BLONDME.”

BLONDME product details, iconic looks, education and how-to tutorials can be found on the Schwarzkopf Professional website: Schwarzkopf Pro here, and across digital channels, including the interactive House of Color App. Don’t forget to follow @schwarzkopfprouk and the #BLONDME hashtag on Social Media for the latest news and product updates.