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| August 11, 2020

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Sam Robinson

Indola is back with its latest Smart Street Style Collection for Autumn/Winter 2018. Complete with two looks inspired by the pavement catwalks of Europe’s leading cities, these collections offer the wearer contrasting styles always suited to the individual.

Urban Ease + Royal Lux

Urban Ease packs a punch with its street couture, urban comfort and ‘I don’t care attitude’; while Royal Lux exudes winter warmth, opulence and sumptuous glamour. Always playful, with an edge that keeps the wearer fresh, Indola’s Smart Street Style Collections offer inspiration and on-trend style advice for hairdressers across the globe.

Urban Ease

Created with streetwear vibes and an urban edge, this look is about easy customization. Using the new #colorblaster* range of 8 pigmented conditioners, Urban Ease allows for quick colour changes for bold statements that rock. Pair with over-sized hoodies, head-to-toe logos, clothes borrowed from your boyfriend’s wardrobe and layered comfort. This look doesn’t just speak, it shouts. Think 1990s reinvented for the Instagram-era, this time with great hair!

Royal Lux

For those who like things a little lux, this rich and glossy look is perfect. Panel colours add an edge to this super-feminine cut. Ensure total shine with Indola’s Glamourous Oil Range, Setting Thermal Protector and Flexible hairspray. Inspired by plush velvets and rich shades – winter vibes at their best and perfect for long hair lovers!

Stronger Colours Return

Commenting on this season’s latest looks, Indola Global Ambassador, Andy Smith, said, “For autumn/winter, moving into the cooler season, I think the velvet trend, this expensive layered feeling of clothes is where it’s at. Hair wise, stronger colours are returning, textures are getting more structured and if hair is being put up, its more controlled, less loose and all over the place.”

Hot Hair!

While Indola’s Global Colour Ambassador, Chanel Nott said, “What’s hot for me, is hair that looks good in quality, regardless of what colour it is. Hair that looks super shiny and is in ultimate condition. Long or short, bright pastel or brunette, red, but just that high shine when it comes to colour.”

Created by a force from the street, these super-smart looks are the work of Indola’s new Street Style Squad, including the leading global names of:

  • Anna Wolfers – actress, blogger, model & entrepreneur. Official fashion advisor for Autumn/Winter collection. @annaangelinawolfers
  • Andy Smith – creative director at Chelsea Green Salon (London) and Indola Global Ambassador, whose endless fresh ideas take him from salon to editorial and fashion weeks worldwide.
  • Chanel Nott – leading colourist and educator at Chelsea Green Salon (London) and Indola Global Ambassador, is on the speed dial of VIPs, celebs and fashion-savvy clients throughout the industry.
  • Christian Vierig, @thestyleograph – outstanding street style photographer, rarely home in Berlin, hunts the most stylish individuals on the pavement catwalks of the most fashionable cities for his 200k+ (and counting) followers.

The Launch

Indola’s #colorblaster range launches at the beginning of September into wholesalers across the UK. Available in eight filter-friendly shades, the customisable colours offer a low-commitment solution with countless options. The pigmented conditioners care while they colour. Results provide vibrant colour and shine and last up to ten weeks, depending on hair quality and base colour. Colours include Willow (pink), Clarendon (blue), Valencia (mint-green), Lark (silver-grey), Sierra (chocolate brown), Mayfair (red), Crema (gold-blond) and Juno (neutraliser).

For further information, please visit Indola here.