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| December 13, 2018

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Discover BC: Schwarzkopf Professional’s Latest Skincare-Inspired Regime

Discover BC: Schwarzkopf Professional’s Latest Skincare-Inspired Regime
Rebecca Parker

BC Bonacure believes in providing tailor-made haircare services, customised for each client, and providing hairdressers with the most advanced technologies based on skincare-inspired ingredients. We believe that beauty is a feeling, beauty is real, beauty is simple, beauty is confidence. With the new BC Bonacure, we #BELIEVEINCONFIDENCE

Advanced Technology. Simple Beauty.

With a commitment to innovation, the BC Bonacure assortment delivers salon-beautiful hair to every client in-salon and at home, thanks to the integration of trending skincare-inspired technologies and breakthrough Micellar Technology:

Trending Skincare-Inspired technologies

Unique to each hair range, the inclusion of the best, proven skincare technologies, such as moisturising Hyaluronic Acid, repairing Peptide, colour-locking pH 4.5, plumping Collagen, smoothing Keratin and rejuvenating Q10+ means that there is an ideal BC Bonacure regime to suit every hair type.

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Breakthrough Micellar Technology

Now included in BC Bonacure shampoos to provide a gentle, yet effective, cleansing experience without stripping away moisture.

BC Bonacure provides a customised approach for every hair type:

BC Peptide Repair Rescue – for damaged, distressed hair
Peptides are known in skincare for supporting the skin’s elasticity. In haircare, peptides refill the damaged cortex by rebuilding the hair’s inner architecture.

BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick – for normal to dry, wavy or curly hair

Hyaluronic Acid is known in skincare as a hydrating agent that provides long-lasting moisture. It’s used in haircare to revitalise thirsty hair, improving elasticity and shine.

BC Q10+ Time Restore – for mature hair

In skincare, Q10+ is known as the must-have anti-aging ingredient for revitalising skin cells. In haircare, it reactivates keratin production in the hair bulb to rejuvenate hair.

BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze – for coloured and highlighted hair

pH 4.5 is known in skincare for balancing the pH level of the skin to maintain a healthy condition. In haircare, it’s used to freeze colour pigments inside the hair matrix, promoting long-lasting colour vibrancy.

BC Collagen Volume Boost – for fine to normal hair

In skincare, collagen is used to provide elasticity, shape and strength. In haircare, it weightlessly strengthens the hair, providing lasting fullness, volume and bounce.

BC Keratin Smooth Perfect – for thick, coarse, unmanageable frizzy hair

Keratin is used in skincare to keep the skin’s cell function intact. In haircare, it smoothes the hair’s surface by depositing care agents on rough areas for an anti-frizz effect.

In-salon Service – 10-Minute Express Hair Therapies

Thanks to BC Bonacure’s specific ingredients, product textures and new hero products, hairdressers can quickly provide bespoke in-salon treatments for each client’s individual hair needs, in just 10 minutes:

  • BC Peptide Repair Rescue – Nourishing Therapy Reverse 3 years of damage with just one application.
  • BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick – Rehydrating Therapy.Dry hair is 100% nourished with up to 85% improved combability.
  • BC Q10+ Time Restore – Rejuvenating Therapy. Rejuvenate mature hair.
  • BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze – Zero Fade Therapy. 1st colour-locking hair therapy for zero fade.
  • BC Collagen Volume Boost – Volume Therapy. Fuller feeling hair for up to 3 days.
  • BC Keratin Smooth Perfect – Frizz-Control Therapy. Up to 4 days of anti-frizz.

The extensive BC Bonacure product assortment allows hairdressers to transform their clients’ hair with a trusted approach to haircare; professional in-salon consultations and solutions that specifically target individual hair needs, means that both hairdressers and clients alike can #BelieveinConfidence!


BC Bonacure Influencers Team

Alongside the BC Bonacure product launch, the accompanying #BelieveinConfidence campaign showcases real women experiencing real hair dilemmas – four influential lifestyle bloggers share their story:
Alexandra Pereira (@lovelypepa)
Caroline Silta (@carolinesilta)
Jüli Mery (@juelimery)
Sendi Skopljak (@skopljak)

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