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| November 18, 2019

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Dirty French Girl x Anne Veck

Dirty French Girl x Anne Veck
Sam Robinson

Anne Veck has teamed up with bespoke jewellery designer Dirty French Girl to create a small pilot collection of avant garde jewellery that double up as practical hairdressing tools which are taking the industry by storm!  Produced by hand in London and made in bronze, the collection is swaggerific, useful and affordable. Here are some of its great pieces.

Edit 27 -

The Ring, £35

No longer must you fumble through hair with your ill adapted fingers and thumbs! This sultry ring helps you section hair for anything from plaiting to hair extensions, freeing your hands from holding a comb, and allowing you to look swag whilst doing it.
Edit 31 -

The Elastic Cuff, £85

Ever worn a hair band on your wrist to find that it has so effectively cut off circulation to that extremity, you fear you might actually lose your hand? Well fear not, for Dirty French Girl and Anne Veck present you with a stylishly simple yet frivolously functional solution: The Elastic Cuff. With its a special groove running along it to hold hairbands, it also makes a great retail item for clients!
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The Magnet Bracelet, £85

Introducing the Magnet Bracelet: with this sexy bangle biting your wrist, long gone are the days of looking for loose pins and clips around the salon! Just place them on the magnet between the cuff’s lips and like magic they will stay there until you next need them.

For more info, please visit Dirty French Girl here.