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| May 22, 2022

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Debbie Digby’s ‘Colour Responsible’ Message

Debbie Digby’s ‘Colour Responsible’ Message
Sam Robinson

Debbie speaks from experience after finding herself faced with a legal battle in 2015. She received a letter from a no win no fee solicitor itemising 10 actions carried out on their client in her salon that had apparently caused damage to her hair and rendered the salon negligent and Debbie was mortified.

The Allegations

“It all started with a fairly normal situation, which every salon owner faces at some point; an unhappy colour client,” explains Debbie, “as a salon owner for more than 28 years, I am a complete stickler for process and procedure and knew that we were fully in the right. We were shocked to receive the solicitor’s letter – the allegations against us were quite something.”

The Legal Battle

She believed to be wrongly accused and was determined to fight the allegations. What ensued was a two-year and four months legal battle including trial dates, insurance companies, a lot of research and innocent stylists being put through situations they never expected to be in. Winning the case, she was compelled to put pen to paper and write this book to share information, give guidance and help build confidence in dealing with matters of this nature.

Helping Others

“One of the things that helped me throughout the case was learning about other cases and having the ability to make comparisons. I wanted to write this book to help build confidence in others when dealing with matters of this nature,” says Debbie.

‘Forearmed is Forewarned: Your Guide to Professional Hairdressing & Sound Procedures’ is now available to purchase on Amazon for £16.99 here.