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| January 24, 2021

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Carolyn Newman Academy

Carolyn Newman Academy


Carolyn Newman


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COLOUR YOUR COLUMN WANT TO EARN MORE MONEY?? This course focuses on your column business as well as the salon. How you manage your day to achieve not only creative success but financial success. Guiding you to work smarter not harder in our ever-changing industry. Marketing, social media and personal presentation skills will all be covered. Theory day but lots of activities to keep you focused and you will leave with an action plan for success. Suitable for all hairdressers, managers and salon owners £200 per place or £360 for 2 places 2019 Dates: Monday 21st January, Sunday 3rd March, Sunday 12th May Colour Your CONSULTATION WANT TO ACHIEVE CLIENT SUCCESS EVERY SINGLE TIME? Client expectations of what we can deliver is now very high. Your beginning, middle and end of your consultation determines based on fact what you can do. These skills are as important as being able to do a fabulous cut & colour. We will look at the key 5 steps you need to do to ensure success, including colour personality & contouring. Theory & Practical consultation class Suitable for all hairdressers, managers and trainers £200 per place or £360 for 2 places 2019 Dates: Sunday 7th April Carolyn Colours – CLIENT TECHNIQUES WANT TO LEARN QUICK COMMERCIAL COLOUR TECHNIQUES? Time and having enough hours in the day is so important to our clients. We need to be able to deliver quality colour with multi tonal effects with an express attitude. Carolyn will present the current trends clients are requesting & focus on colour placement and technique. How can you change the colour quickly and effectively - we will show you how! Demonstrations with creative workshop. Suitable for all hairdressers, managers and salon owners £300 per place or £550 for 2 places 2019 Dates: Tuesday 4th June and Monday 14th October CAROLYN NEWMAN ACADEMY ON TOUR Carolyn is available to come into your salon and work with your team and can deliver one of the Academy courses or a Bespoke course tailored for your needs. If you would like to host an academy course for Carolyn outside London, in the UK or Ireland, Europe and all International bookings, Carolyn will come to you and your place on the course will be complimentary. Carolyn Newman Academy - All bookings are made online via - Any queries please contact - London venue: Hunter Collective, 2nd floor, River House, 143-145 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3AB - All courses are 1 day and please see course information below - For all details on the above please email