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| August 7, 2020

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Cos Sakkas’ Tips For A Spring Refresh

Cos Sakkas’ Tips For A Spring Refresh
Sam Robinson

Warmer days and longer nights mean it’s time for a spring clean – and there’s no better time for a spring style refresh too! Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY international artistic director and head of education, says it’s the perfect time to get your clients to come to the salon for a consultation and fresh new look for the summer months ahead.

Hair Needs TLC 

“Winter can be relentless on hair with cold, harsh winds juxtaposed with drying radiators and warm homes,” he explains. “Hair can need a little TLC and now is the time to get it ready for the summer months.”

Cos' Tips -

Invite your clients into the salon for a spring style consultation – here’s Cos’s Top Tips
1 If your clients don’t want a new style then change the detail. A trim will get it into shape, but use a different product, styling technique or fringe detail to bring it up to date and make it feel fresh.
2 Split ends can’t be repaired, they can only be cut off. So, if a client is adamant they don’t want to lose any length, explain you have to go backwards to go forwards. The important thing is communication; make sure the client understands why you are doing it and they will understand the result.
3 Make a yearly plan so they know the journey to the finished result. You will be at a different place in December than you will be now. Pre-plan their hair journey with them and get their input. If you have a plan they’re not going to leave you half way through. You have that connection and commitment from them.
4 Be honest with them about their hair – show them the damage and the grown-out layers.
5 Show clients how a product shake-up can give their hair a new lease of life for spring. Generally summer products are drier for more beachy textures.
6 Encourage them not to drop the replenishing products – as we head into hotter months, conditioning treatments are still a must.

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