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| March 27, 2020

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Clients are demanding more than ever from their hair colour, which is where Schwarzkopf Professional’s new colour CHROMA ID steps up. The semi-permanent mix & tone colour system is 100 percent customisable, allowing you to express your client’s personality like never before. It’s time to create.


More Choice

Colourists can now offer more choice than ever before thanks to CHROMA ID, Schwarzkopf Professional’s first 100 percent customisable, semi-permanent mix and tone colour system. It allows each of your clients to express their true identity with every imaginable shade from cool blonde to hot pink.

It comes with integrated Bonding Technology too, so hair will be in the best condition while it’s coloured, making CHROMA ID a complete colour line.


“Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID not only has an extensive range of colours, it also contains Bonding Technology, so it’s incredibly kind & caring to the hair. The formula also means that we can colour the hair without prior patch testing. This gives salon owners flexibility and the opportunity to take walk-ins or last-minute appointments for colour work, which really is amazing. It also enables us to provide fabulous colours to all our clients, while keeping their hair in perfect condition.” Daniel Granger, Daniel Granger Hairdressing,


Line Up

For unlimited shade combinations with maximum customisation potential, the 100 percent intermixable portfolio includes the following products, lasting up to 15 washes*:

6 Intense Bonding Colour Masks: for bold and expressive colours, the customisation of Bonding Colour Masks or the creation of pastel tones when intermixed with the Clear Bonding Mask.

01_Session_Chroma_ID_2019_08_300245_HR13 Bonding Colour Masks: for low-commitment colour services such as the enhancement or refreshment of dull mid-lengths and ends or the longevity enhancement of IGORA ROYAL or VIBRANCE shades.

6 at home Bonding Colour Masks: to help salon clients maintain or refresh their colour vibrancy at home.

1 at home Clear Bonding Mask: to reduce the intensity of Bonding Colour Masks or to create pastel tones.

Caring Colour

Even the most adventurous clients worry about colour longevity and damaging their hair, but it’s not necessary with CHROMA ID: With integrated Bonding and Low Salt Technology, combined with deeply caring formulas, CHROMA ID enables hairdressers to colour their clients’ hair while maintaining, and even improving overall hair quality:

Bonding Technology enforces the structural bonds within the hair shaft for stronger hair with less breakage.

Low Salt Technology reduces the pigment penetration barrier, maximising the availability of colour pigments entering the hair, for a better colour deposition.

Keratin and Panthenol provides extra care and outer cuticle sealing for improved hair quality.


Colour services

 CHROMA ID’s wide range of colour masks enable hairdressers to offer services that truly meet the needs of every individual colour client:

Neutralisation Cool toning with anti-yellow effects on light blonde, silver or white bases or anti-orange effects on dark blonde bases.

Pastel Services Unlimited creation of pastel hues by mixing any CHROMA ID Bonding Colour Mask with the Clear Bonding Mask.

Colour Refresh offers a wide array of direct application options or customised colour refresh services for truly customised colours.

Bold Services for unlimited bright, intense and creative colours.

Designed for colour refreshment at home, clients can also preserve their flawless hair colour in-between salon visits thanks to the matching Bonding Colour Masks.

Dare to colour with CHROMA ID and express every shade of your clients’ personality. Find out more here.

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