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| September 27, 2021

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Sam Robinson

Suzie McGill of Rainbow Room International talks us through the current and most on trend pink hair colour trends and how to talk to your clients about keeping these colours vibrant at home.

‘Pink is one of the most on trend shades this season and that’s not just with fashion, but with hair too. The beauty of this colour is that there are so many pink shades to choose from – from vibrant, bold and bright tones, to pastels, dark and smoky tones and more glimmering shades like rose gold too. Below are some of my favourite pink tones for hair with information on who they suit best and what hair care should be recommended to clients to keep these colours looking their best until their next appointments.

Rose Gold

For clients who want a metallic pink hue that provides their hair with mega shine, rose gold is the perfect choice and combines a range of pink shades with coppers and corals for a rich finish. Not only does this colour provide the hair with ultra-radiance but it also gives a warmth to the complexion and works well on all skin tones. This tone blends quickly and is a great choice for those who don’t want a more high maintenance, vibrant hue and instead, want a subtle sheer on their hair for a fun update. To keep this hair colour looking as reflective as possible, it’s important for the client to use regular hair masks that will keep the hair colour long-lasting and full of shine. Serums and oils are also beneficial to use on damp and dry hair to promote the shine even further and to give their hair a lustrous and expensive look.


Dusky pink and blush tones are the pink tone of the season. These tones look particularly great
on clients with lighter skin tones, not creating as striking a contrast against the complexion and allowing their eyes to really pop. As these shades are a bit more vibrant in colour than pastel tones of pink, clients who are not feeling brave to wear this all over their hair can experiment with adding this colour through panels and slices through their hair or fringe to give it a touch of drama and instant update. With this shade it’s all about keeping the pink looking as vivid as possible and a colour depositing shampoo or mask is beneficial to recommend to clients to use at home between appointments to keep the colour looking its best. At Rainbow Room International we love the new Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Bonding Colour Mask’s which help to enhance the hair colour and keep it free from brassiness.


For blondes, pastel pink hair is a fantastic choice and blends back from pink to blonde
beautifully. For those who aren’t feeling daring enough to opt for a bold shade yet this is a great way for them to experiment with a more subtle hue. Pastels look great on long and short hair and as they are already subdued in colour in comparison to bolder pink tones, it’s important for clients to be aware that these will fade more quickly. Recommend to your clients to avoid over washing their hair and instead, to use dry shampoos between washes to absorb excess oils and avoid stripping their hair colour. Pastel shades looks great when paired with ombre techniques and also combined with other pastel hair colours to a create a unicorn like effect through the hair.


These darker shades of pink look really beautiful and look particularly flattering on clients with medium and darker skin tones. These shades are also a particularly great choice for those with
darker hair and can be applied on top of brunette hair to provide the hair with a subtle pop of colour and gorgeous sheen. This pink shade is a good choice for those who prefer a more natural pink hue and it has a stunning shadow like effect that allows the colour to be on trend in any season’- Suzie McGill .

For more info on the brand, visit Rainbow Room International here.