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| November 27, 2020

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Collections To Inspire: URBAN COOL GIRL

Collections To Inspire: URBAN COOL GIRL
Sam Robinson

Get ready to be inspired by this week’s Collection To Inspire; ‘URBAN COOL GIRL’ by ALISON STEWART HAIR AND BEAUTY.

The focus this A/W for hair at Alison Stewart Hair and Beauty is hair with movement; hair with natural movement – bobs and long hair alike are fluid, sinuous and full. You will not find any rigid lines here or heavy use of products.

Let It Flow

Alison loves to allow hair to flow where it wants to and for all its textures to shine through. Curls and waves are big and soft, and natural thick hair texture is not to be tamed. Gentle curls are popular. The vision is earth’s elements have styled your hair and created great swing and flair.

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Colour is reflecting the natural hues of landscapes, with lots of soft and bold tones weaved seamlessly together in unison. Natural rich copper tones and auburns paired with creamy blondes and beiges are interspersed with sparks of high sunlit blonde reflecting our hairs true colours in the autumn or winter sunlight.

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Hair by Alison Stewart and Mairi McQueen / Make up by Karen Bowen / Photography by Kat McDonald / Styling by Alison Stewart and Mairi McQueen.

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For more information about the brand, check out Alison Stewart here.