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| May 30, 2020

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ClubStar Art Team With Chris Foster

ClubStar Art Team With Chris Foster
Rebecca Parker

It was a day of male hairdressing for the ClubStar Art Team recently as they headed over to the HOB Academy in London for a day with male grooming expert, Chris Foster.

As the team have varying levels of expertise in men’s hairdressing, Chris delivered a diverse workshop, combining classic cuts with more advanced ones to cater to everybody’s skillset. Armed with his full kit bag, Chris shared his fundamentals of barbering, demonstrating how to use clipper over comb correctly using a variation of different combs, and talked the team through how to use razor cutting to blend, removing the length and weight whilst texturing.

Industry Tips

Chris also took the opportunity to teach the team about positioning themselves within the industry. He explained; ‘It’s really important to serve a cause greater than yourself, as going through life thinking it’s all about money and personal success won’t keep you going on days when you’re feeling fed up. When I first started my career, I wanted to change the perception of men’s hairdressing and it took me a long time to realise that this wasn’t going to happen overnight but dreaming big has been the thing that has kept me going.’

Salon International

With the event taking place over the weekend, it felt rather fitting for Chris to also explain to the team about creating the perfect performance at these kinds of events. ‘My biggest tip is to have impact. Do something different to what everybody else is doing. People will see a lot presentations at Salon International, so they need to stand out’.

The Team

Regarding the exciting day, team member Ellie Bond from Spargo Hairdressing said ‘We loved our day with Chris, It was full of energy, education and invaluable advice, and his career is an inspiration to us all. He gave us plenty of motivation and drive to put on a fantastic stage show at Salon International and tell the industry about our fantastic journey with the Fellowship’.

Visit the Fellowship For British Hairdressing to find out more about their initiative and how the team are getting along.