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| September 22, 2020

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Sam Robinson

With lockdown in place, many celebrities are opting to switch things up a bit by experimenting with new vibrant hues. Whether it’s punky inspired pink and blue from Ruby Rose, Fudge Professional have the perfect product to ensure your clients can recreate the look themselves at home.

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What can I say!? Sometimes you just need to feel blue and other times you need pink to lighten your day.

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Get Creative At Home

“If you are brave and want to brighten up your day, why not play with Fudge Professional Paintbox colours? To achieve this colour effect, you will need to apply over existing prelightened hair. The perfect mixes to achieve these colours similar to Ruby Rose would be to use Pink Riot and Chasing Blue.” Tracy Hayes, Head of Technical Training at Fudge Professional. (RRP £10.95).  

Fudge Professional Paint Box pink and blue -

Fudge Professional Paint Box Creative

For bold, vibrant and fashion forward semi-permanent colour, recommend Fudge Professional Paint Box Creative Semi Permanent Colour in Chasing Blue and Pink Riot. Providing colourists with a limitless colour palette of 10 core shades that can be intermixed to create the exact colours desired. Designed to last between 3-30 washes depending on the condition of the hair and the colour chosen. Paintbox is free from ammonia and peroxide and conditions the hair whilst colouring, with increased shine and lustre. It’s dual conditioning system cares and protects, with moisturising agents and keratin proteins to help repair hair from within.

Fore more info on the brand, please visit Fudge Professional here.