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| November 24, 2020

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Cash crop

Cash crop
Joanne Charlton

It was a case of shear delight for Byron Hairdressing’s Ronnie Marshall, who was only too happy to help out when he heard about a teenage boy’s plan to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Edinburgh teen Coren Childs, whose best friend was diagnosed with leukaemia in January, had decided to have his head shaved to raise cash for the charity. He went under the clippers with Ronnie and has so far raised more than £300 in sponsorship after publicising his plans on Facebook.

Coren said: “When I heard my friend had cancer and the treatment would make all his hair fall out, I decided having my own head shaved was a fitting way to show my support. I hadn’t had a haircut since I heard, so it was pretty long.”

Ronnie, owner of Byron Hairdressing, in Kirkcaldy, Fife, is a long-time supporter of cancer charity Maggie’s Centres, so the cause was dear to his heart. He said: “I’ve known many people affected by cancer and when I heard what Coren was doing I thought it was a fantastic way of helping young cancer sufferers.”

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