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| April 23, 2021

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Brooks Education launches new subscription education platform

Brooks Education launches new subscription education platform
Sam Robinson

The award-winning team at Brooks & Brooks has launched a brand-new platform BE – Brooks Education. Designed to showcase not only cutting and colouring techniques, but really get behind you and bring you into their ethos and community.

Part of a Team

British Hairdresser of the Year, Sally Brooks, explains: “This platform allows us to take you on a journey with us. You will become part of a team and we are here to help develop you as an individual. BE inspired, BE motivated, BE excited, BE whatever you want to be”

New Venture

Internationally recognised for their unique way of communicating and educating, Grace Dalgleish and Marlon Hawkins will lead this exciting new venture not only passing on their knowledge, but also sharing their insights into how they have created their own creative fingerprints.

Virtual Education

The virtual education will be a three-month subscription format and every month members will gain access to exclusive sessions from the inspirational pair. Each month there will be two look and learn seminars and throughout the three-months, members will be mentored and guided by Grace and Marlon Covering Six Key Areas

    • Balayage: Contour and Highlighting
    • Toning Stories
    • Trend: The cut edition
    • Trend: The colour edition
    • Transformations
    • Taking it to the next level


In addition, there will be guest appearances by some of the most exciting names in the hairdressing industry, sharing their stories, passions and motivations. Grace said: “It’s been a difficult year and it’s important to connect with other artists to support each other, to teach our goals, to share ideas. We wanted to create an online community to inspire and excite hairdressers of all levels. So come and join us.”

Pushing Boundaries

Marlon added: “We have worked hard on creating content that will push your knowledge,
your boundaries and your creativity wherever you are and whatever level you are. So grab a
notebook and a coffee and join our gang!”

How To Join

The three-month membership starts on 1 February and costs £35 a month. Guest artists will
be announced and members can take part in the look and learn seminars.

Find out more about Brooks Education here.