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| January 17, 2022

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Brooks & Brooks Talk The Perfect Bob

Brooks & Brooks Talk The Perfect Bob
Rebecca Parker

The bob never goes out of fashion, and for SS18 it takes on a more modern, structured finish, with blunt ends and a soft fringe. It was a popular look at the Oscars, as seen on Margot Robbie, Sienna Miller and Saoirse Ronan.

Tips From Sam Ashcroft 

Sam Ashcroft, senior stylist at Brooks & Brooks, London, says ‘while it suits everyone, the bob is perfect for those with heart-shaped or oval-shaped faces as it complements the bone structure’.

“The great thing about this haircut is its versatility as it can be worn textured, or blow-dried super smooth and glossy. If you want to style it super straight, use a smoothing balm with an oil to make the polish look like glass. If you want it a bit more messy and textured, use a sea salt spray and dry finishing spray to give it a more undone and messy finish. 

“It’s important to talk to the client about whether this style will suit their lifestyle. Do they need to tie their hair up? How long do they spend on their hair every morning? Can they use a hairdryer and a brush easily? Asking open-ended questions about your client’s lifestyle can really help to determine a manageable style that your client will be able to love and look after. Every client has different natural abilities with their hair so it’s essential to find out what that is’.

Sam’s Consultation Tips For Clients Looking For A Blunt Bob

1 Always consider the hair growth patterns, for example are there any cowslicks for jumping on the fringe?
2 Look at the growth of the hairline; if it’s very ‘jumpy’ it will take a bit more time to refine it so the baseline appears even and balanced.   

For those who’d like to find out more about the brand and its trends, visit Brooks & Brooks here.