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| May 22, 2022

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Brendan O’Sullivan Talks Fashion + Colour Services

Brendan O’Sullivan Talks Fashion + Colour Services
Sam Robinson

In celebration of our Fashion Salon category sponsored by Unite at this year’s #SBAwards, we caught up with Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty  to talk all things Fashion and colour.  

Brendan O'Sullivan -

“As hairdressers we can set, follow, and communicate trends. Hair and fashion are constantly evolving, it is one of the things that makes this industry so fascinating to me! I love how fashion is cyclical but always with a new twist, such as the Seventies vibe that is around this year… of course ‘mullets’, ‘shags’ and ‘bangs’ have been seen before but each time around we bring them up to date with new translations and techniques.

Easy To Wear

‘Free’ rather than contrived styles have been popular over the past few years and our customers absolutely love it – a great cut, some colour for emphasis and the right products make this trend achievable by many and so incredibly easy to wear.

Colour Business

Colour has always been a significant part of our business at Brendan O’Sullivan Hair and Beauty and currently I think it is more exciting than ever! From grey coverage, beautiful blondes, fiery reds, pastels and brights, the choice is amazing. There has been a huge surge in recent years with consumer awareness of and demand for toners, it’s really changed our colour business and again, the choice of colours available now are just fabulous.

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Fashion Work

My team enjoy many different cutting and colouring techniques, we get a big kick out of delighting customers with an individual solution. When your team are passionate about fashion, word travels – we’ve had many new customers book having been recommended by a friend or colleague on the back of fashion work or conversations.

Bangs On Trend

Bangs are a strong trend for us at Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty this summer. Curtain bangs, mod bangs, long bangs, soft feathered bangs, it is all about bangs. Easy for customers to style and versatile for different looks. And always colour – we’ve not seen much sun this year so have updated many of our customers colours with a seasonal ‘Sun Kissed’ look to take them a little lighter along with an even lighter, face framing emphasis which we have had a great response to. There is nothing more uplifting than gorgeous, happy customers.

Session Work

In addition to working in and running my salon, I am regularly involved in session work, photoshoots and at Fashion Weeks such as Milan and New York, often with my team to support. So, fashion is a regular conversation for us in salon and inspires us to create new looks & techniques.

vogue fashion cover -


My partner Wendy and I both have strong backgrounds in education which is key to the success of our team and we build fashion trends into education. If you do not have access to external fashion work there’s useful trends info online and in magazines (both industry and consumer) – have fun with your team talking through which trends you like and how you might adapt them to be relevant to your customers, how you might interpret a colour trend, try building some mood boards and experimenting with new techniques, all great exercises to build team confidence. Then get talking to your customers, I bet they will take you up on your suggestions!


I believe every salon should offer trend-led services. Customers are more digital savvy than ever before and have a wealth of celebrity images and fashion info just a click away, so it is our job to be a step ahead. As professionals we can translate trends to our customers individual style, tone the look down for the less adventurous customer and boldly go for it with our fashion followers. Even if it is just a small gesture to a trend, I think there is a part of everyone that wants to feel they are moving with fashion, being a little daring and experimental.” – Brendan O’Sullivan. 

For more info on the brand, visit Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty here.