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| May 27, 2020

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Blog: Jayson Gray TALKS WELLA

Blog: Jayson Gray TALKS WELLA
Joanne Charlton

Jayson Gray, International Technical Director at creative power house Toni&Guy worked with the 2015 TrendVision Award UK & Ireland Gold Winners on their creativity – encouraging them to draw inspiration from many different areas while remaining open to collaboration and input from others.

“My aim for the day was to encourage the TrendVision Award Gold Winners to open themselves up to new ideas and to embrace their own creativity.

“To get them thinking initially, I shared the areas that I personally look for inspiration from and encouraged them to think outside of the box. I wanted to emphasise the importance of moving out of their comfort zone and believing in their technical skills. I also wanted them to realise the benefits of the relationships that they’re building within the industry and how these could help them to develop their skills and ideas further. They need to have confidence in what they do and be open to the input of others; the ability to do this will help them to progress greatly within their careers.

“To help the winners get the most out of the day, I wanted to provide them with advice and assistance from different points of view including that of a judge, a member of a show team and most importantly, as a colour technician. This was to ensure that they added dimensions to their looks that will appeal to every facet, ready for the looks they create for the International TrendVision Award in Berlin.

“To summarise our day, I encouraged the group to recreate an entire colour palette using different shades and colour combinations that they may never have thought to attempt before. This exercise was intended to help them to realise their creative ability and to have confidence in themselves when they pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone.

“TrendVision brings people together, and will help the winners to widen their industry network and gain friends from all over the world. It is opening up priceless opportunities to them so early on in their careers.”