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| August 11, 2020

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Blog: Bruce Masefield shares with Wella

Blog: Bruce Masefield shares with Wella
Joanne Charlton

The final day of the TrendVision Award Gold Winners’ Mentoring Programme was hosted by Sassoon UK Creative Director and winner of the title of Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year 2011, Bruce Masefield.

“I wanted to provide the winners with an overview of my experience and the different elements within which I’m involved. This was to give them an insight into the variety of fields that exist within the hairdressing industry as whole. I tried to give them techniques that they can use in all aspects of their working life from the salon to session work and backstage at shows. The world of hairdressing is so diverse; it never gets boring – if it does, jump out.IMG_0309

“It is only in the last five years that I’ve decided to jump into the session world which I did through assisting backstage at fashion week in London and Paris. I wanted to demonstrate to the winners that by assisting, no matter your age, you can learn so much that you then take back to your salon work.

“I went through the process of developing a collection and taking multiple different ideas to become one final product. I was aiming to emphasise to them the level of collaboration that is involved and the importance of being able to work with other people as a part of a team. To continue the theme of collaboration, we took a look at the Wella 2015 Trends and everyone’s interpretations of them. I encouraged the group to share their views and the ways in which they can each evolve their vision to ensure their looks are strong enough for the global stage.

“For the winners to have the focus on themselves for four days is so valuable. This experience will give them a stronger insight into all areas of the craft. An exchange of ideas, especially from influential people, is always rewarding.”HEADER IMG_0291