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| November 23, 2020

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Becky Sutherland named new Brand Ambassador for OSMO

Becky Sutherland named new Brand Ambassador for OSMO
Sam Robinson

Owner of Lush Hair Salon, Becky Sutherland, has been named as a new Brand Ambassador of the professional haircare brand OSMO focusing on their permanent colour line OSMO IKON. Bringing together a new collaboration of artistry and technical colour expertise with OSMO; the brand that celebrates creativity and individuality. Becky and OSMO will now be working together to push the boundaries of colouring and styling.

About Becky

With over 20 years of hair experience, Becky Sutherland started her own business, Lush Hair salon based in Langley Park, Durham in 2013 which she says was one of the hardest, yet rewarding, challenges she’s undertaken.

Becky’s first role within the industry started when she was only 13, as a local salon Saturday girl, yet her passion for hair and colour started long before that. With a desire to work hard and do something different, Becky always wanted to push herself and knew that her career would not just be sat behind a salon chair. At a time in hairdressing where time seemed to stand still in Becky’s eyes, and by living in a small country village, she knew she would have to keeping pushing herself harder to break from the mould and stand out from the crowd. Education, social media and promoting her and her business meant that Becky soon caught the eye of OSMO.

Part of the Family

“Now part of the OSMO team and Brand Ambassador, Becky comments, “I’m so excited to work with OSMO and be part of the team – not only is OSMO an excellent brand to use as a hairdresser, with amazing colours and products that you can play around with and be super creative, but to be recognised for my work and invited to be part of an incredible team of ambassadors is unreal, I still can’t believe it. It’s like a family, which I’m so happy to be part of.”

For further information, please visit OSMO.UK here.