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| December 13, 2018

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Beachy Waves All Year Round With NEW IMPULSIVE Curls & Waves

Beachy Waves All Year Round With NEW IMPULSIVE Curls & Waves
Rebecca Parker

Move over old-fashioned perms. It’s time to make way for cool beachy waves. Recognising the increased demand for curly hair, Spanish professional hair experts Montibello have introduced the IMPULSIVE Curls & Waves range to help clients enjoy fresh texture and beachy waves, not just for summer, but all year round.


Ideal for both female and male clients with short, long or mid-length hair, the IMPULSIVE range enables hairdressers to create waves, loose curls, spirals or relaxed curls with fantastic body and volume.


Until now, perming techniques often dehydrated the hair, weakened the fibre and altered the hair’s internal structure, affecting its texture. The new IMPULSIVE Curls & Waves range addresses this by using a state-of-the-art fusion of perming technology and haircare.

The Science Behind It

The special Bond Wave System Technology disconnects the disulphide bonds and later rebuilds them carefully. Next it strengthens and repairs the internal and external structure of hair fibres to reduce damage and breakage. Finally, the technology restores the hair’s suppleness, softness and natural shine. The results guarantee:
– a natural-looking wave with volume and texture
– supple, uniform, long-lasting curls with great definition
– wavy hair that is full of movement

The Range

The IMPULSIVE Curls & Waves perm lotion is sold in single packs (containing 75ml perm and 100ml universal neutralizing lotion: trade price £7.49) and is available in four strengths:
0: Perm Lotion Strong: for natural resistant hair
1: Perm Lotion Normal: for normal to fine natural hair
2: Perm Lotion Gentle: for coloured or sensitised hair
3: Perm Lotion Extra-Gentle: for highly sensitised hair

So when your clients want to freshen up their look with some cool curls, the new IMPULSIVE range is ideal. Offering texture, volume and care, it will give them soft, shiny, natural-looking beachy waves for this season and beyond. 

For more information on the brand, visit montibello here.