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| May 13, 2021

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Sam Robinson

BARBEROLOGY, the award-winning Midlands-based barber group, has unveiled a revamped and extended interior to its first-born barbershop, launched in 2015. The group, which boasts two experiential barbershops in Birmingham, re-opened its freshly transformed Jewellery Quarter salon in November 2019, following both an extension and extensive renovation.

About The Shop

The barbershop, which is renowned locally for its cult following, now boasts a vast 1,700 square foot of space, as well as an attention-grabbing décor rich with original building features sympathetic to the heritage of both the building and location.


The initial inspiration behind the recent renovation work at Barberology’s Jewellery Quarter outpost was entirely practical: thanks to a huge boost in popularity and increased client demand, an expansion to the existing salon was called for. The impending renovation work, however, provided Barberology Founder and Director, Adam Gore, with the ideal opportunity to give the barbershop the design makeover he truly desired. With plans to transform the existing barbershop in to a pared-back, masculine, industrial-style space, with a cheeky Peaky Blinders-inspired vibe, Adam was able to bring his design ideas to fruition. The barbershop, which features a split-level salon space, now boasts the exact old-school barbershop appeal and oozes the traditional, yet trend-led vibe in line with the Barberology brand and its ethos.

Barberology_Jewellery Quarter_renovation_1 -

Stripped Back

The original building, and the location of the barbershop – Birmingham’s fashionable and historical Jewellery Quarter – provided a rich source of design inspiration in the early stages of the renovation work. The foundations of the salon space have been stripped back to reveal the building’s bold, original features, including exposed brickwork, cool copper piping and visible ceiling beams, and it’s these traditional features – together with tan brown metro tiling on the walls, monochrome mosaic floor tiling and stainless steel backwash basins – that lend the salon the exact industrial element and the precise retro feel that Adam was keen to create. Traditional Takara Belmont barbershop chairs, in maroon leather, exude a Peaky Blinders’ vibe and complete the barbershop’s design nod to the 1920s – an intentional and clever move, considering it’s the era famously associated with the establishment of the barbershop scene.

The office

The office, for example, which is set just steps away from the salon floor, is an original old James Bond-style safe, where jewellery was once stored, a nod to the location and rich heritage of the building.

The Area

The surrounding Jewellery Quarter vicinity also helped to hone the vision behind Barberology’s recent makeover. The area is renowned for its unique old-school cool vibe that is reflective of both its history and the new businesses it is now home to. Barberology’s revamped décor now includes an array of stylish design elements and features that similarly reflect the hip, independent nature of the retailers, bars and art galleries within the local area. Standout design additions, such as the bespoke light frames at each styling station, each distinctively designed with wiring and exposed copper lightbulb detailing, add a stylish, individual quality to the décor. The redecoration and renovation wouldn’t be paying true homage to the local area without supporting its local businesses, either, which is why all bespoke furniture and furnishings were sourced and made locally, by manufacturers in the area.


Functional form also featured heavily in the design blueprint of the new and improved Barberology barbershop. The lighting, for example, had to be tailor-made, to provide the perfect backdrop for barbering. With this element being so crucial to the way a man’s hair is cut, the lighting at each styling station in the newly revamped barbershop was designed and fitted so as not to cast a shadow. This design detail not only adds to the comforting atmosphere and homeliness of the shop, but, crucially, provides the ideal environment for perfecting men’s cuts.

Barberology_Jewellery Quarter_renovation_15 -

The Atmosphere

It isn’t just the aesthetic quality of Barberlogy’s newly renovated space that is thoroughly on brand, either. The entire atmosphere in this recently re-opened barbershop is evocative of the cool, old-school barbershop style that Barberology has become synonymous with since its inception in 2015. As Barberology Founder and Director, Adam Gore, explains: “When I set about designing the look and feel of Barberology’s revamped Jewellery Quarter location, I wanted to create a place where clients could come and relax. In fact, more than that, I wanted every client to feel like they’d stepped inside their favourite pub, and that’s exactly what I feel we have achieved. We wanted an environment where all the senses come alive, which has been achieved through the devil in the detail within everything from the design and décor to the music, fragrance and artwork. I feel with this interior we have stamped our true vision into Barberology, which will allow us to take the business into a new era in style.”

For more info on the brand, please visit  Barberology here.