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| May 16, 2021

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AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Launches new styling hero: Airy Texture Spray

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Launches new styling hero: Airy Texture Spray
Sam Robinson

NEW styling product, ‘Airy Texture Spray’ has been co-created with Global Creative Advocate, Hester Wernert-Rijn, and the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT community, to bring authentic products to market, enriched with input from hairdressers around the world. Following the launch of Nude Powder Spray, the Airy Texture Spray is the latest addition to the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT styling range. A brand-new product that enables hairdressers and their customers to create authentic and touchable texture…celebrating the looks of today.

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Airy Texture Spray (300 ml)

Airy Texture Spray is a dry texturising spray, designed to create tousled looks with texture and volume. The formula with a combination of Bamboo Cellulose, modified Rice Starch and Fairtrade® Tapioca Starch creates an extra dry texturising effect for textured hair with laid-back, pliable volume. The result is perfectly (im)perfect crafted hair.

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AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Airy Texture Spray at a glance:

• It’s a dry texturising spray
• Gives crafted hair textures
• Provides laid-back, pliable volume
• Hair feels fuller while it stays manageable
• Non-sticky formula that’s free from silicones
• Provides heat protection up to 230°C
• A fresh and elegant, pure scent
• Recyclable packaging
• Registered by the Vegan Society™


For the 2020 styling additions, the recently launched Nymph Salt Spray, new Nude Powder Spray and the Airy Texture Spray, Global Creative Advocate for AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, Hester Wernert Rijn (@hesterwernert) was invited to participate in a hands-on collaborative workshop to fully test and develop the product(s). Hester owns Mogeen salon in Amsterdam, but also works as a session stylist on shows and photoshoots around the world. This unique perspective means that she fully understands the different demands put on products in diverse settings and on varied hair types; she knows what works – and crucially, what doesn’t.

Room For Feedback

Hester Wernert-Rijn, Global Creative Advocate, said “One thing I absolutely love about AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT is that there is room for feedback and ideas about packaging, collections, sustainability and so on…I’m a creative person and, for the first time, I have the opportunity to contribute on multiple levels.”

For more info on the brand visit Authentic Beauty Concept here.