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| January 26, 2021

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AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT hosts first cross-regional webinar with Hester Wernert-Rijn

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT hosts first cross-regional webinar with Hester Wernert-Rijn
Sam Robinson

Authentic Beauty Concept’s Global Creative Advocate, Hester Wernert Rijn, recently hosted an online education seminar covering dry cutting techniques and her renowned Japanese layering. This holistic way of working, developed by Hester some ten years ago, adds movement to the hair, but remains invisible.

Live Seminar

The live seminar, broadcast from Hester’s salon in Amsterdam, is the first of a new series from Authentic Beauty Movement, allowing the hairstylist to share her techniques and the insight behind them in an accessible format that strengthens the brand’s spirit of community and the builds on the #AuthenticBeautyMovement.

Global Creative Advocate 

Hester is not just a salon owner and Global Creative Advocate for Authentic Beauty Concept, but also an in-demand session stylist working on shows and shoots across the globe. Trained at Sassoon, she has since gone on to develop her own cutting techniques which are all about bringing out a client or model’s authentic beauty.


The seminar started with Hester showcasing her Japanese layering technique on a mannequin head. “Through all of my work with models and clients, I’ve learned a lot about working with different hair textures,” explained Hester. “This technique is all about working in a holistic way.”

About The Technique

The Japanese layering technique focuses on creating layers that are invisible when the hair is down, but which allows the hair to move “like a teardrop” – all in one beautiful movement. The technique works on every hair length, and on all textures. Hester’s goal, she explained, is to ensure that when clients go home and wash their hair, it falls exactly as it did in the salon – without the need to be blow-dried or styled into shape. “I love to make people prettier in a very easy way and bring out their authentic beauty,” she said. “Just working with their own face structure and some products.”

The Demo

Hester demonstrated the process on a mannequin, before bringing in a pre-cut model to showcase the technique. Japanese layering involves cutting and sliding through the hair, to retain length and fullness, while adding movement and lightness. The key learning for this technique? “Look after you cut each section,” says Hester. “The way I cut has to do with feeling, so you have to look and feel constantly.”

After completing her first model, Hester showcased how she would style the look using Authentic Beauty Concept Flawless Primer, Nymph Salt Spray, Glow Touch and Working Hairspray. Thanks to her vast experience in the session world, Hester’s styling tips were invaluable, with ideas for setting and creating looks without heat or electricity – not always available backstage or on set.


“I like to highlight the imperfections,” said Hester as she finished the first look. “They’re more interesting, and it’s why I like Authentic Beauty Concept. It’s romantic but cool, with full ends and hair that’s full of volume. The bits around the face and ears are sexy.”

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Long Curls

Next, Hester worked on a second model with long curls, showing how her dry cutting technique could be used to perfect a shape and enhance movement without losing length. With more clients than ever opting for long hair looks, these ‘invisible’ cuts and clever techniques provide a perfect maintenance service to freshen up their style without sacrificing length.

“Once you learn this way of cutting, you can’t go back,” said Hester. “It can be difficult to ‘get’, but once you do get it, you won’t ever go back. It’s cutting with love, and the hair is always soft and touchable.”

Again, Hester focussed on looking and working with the mirror to create the perfect shape, detailing the cut to enhance the model’s natural curls while maintaining the length and adding movement. She also reminded viewers of the importance of consultation, finding out how clients wear their hair and talking openly to create hair that’s “easy for them”.

Bespoke Blends

As Hester has been closely involved in the development of all Authentic Beauty Concept’s products, she also shared some bespoke blends for creating innovative textures and finishes. Her favourites? Amplify Mousse with Indulging Oil for hold and volume with softness; Gritty Paste and Indulging Oil for cool texture and Hydrate Lotion and Indulge Oil for a dose of hydration.


Hester will be sharing more insights from her session and salon worlds in the next Authentic Beauty Concept live seminar – taking place on Monday 23rd November at 3 pm UK time. The second webinar will take place with the topic of ‘Creating Effortless Hair’. It is all about approaching hair in an organic way, to learn how to work with different textures and structures to create the most beneficial look & feel for any hair type.

For more info on the brand, visit Authentic Beauty Concept here.