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| January 27, 2021

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Ashleigh Hodges Named Fellowship Chancellor

Ashleigh Hodges Named Fellowship Chancellor
Sam Robinson

Ashleigh Hodges has been named as the new Chancellor for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. A long-time member of the association, Ashleigh has played an integral part in the Fellowship over the years. She joined the organisation in 2009 as a ClubStar member, and has been actively involved ever since.

F.A.ME Alumni

Ashleigh was a member of the F.A.M.E. Team in 2012 and after having such a valuable experience, decided to join the events committee to enable others to maximise their membership. From here, she progressed to leader of the Project X team; a role which she held for two years. Today, she is a member of the Fellowship Council and remains dedicated to mentoring and inspiring the next generation of young hairdressers.

Ashleigh Hodges -

Global Director Duties

Outside of the Fellowship, Ashleigh is global director for HAIRDOTCOM and travels the world educating, shooting and hosting shows and seminars as part of the team. She is also a guest artist for Matrix and Biolage.

Making Her Mark

As Chancellor, Ashleigh will now be responsible for Fellowship events, growing membership and shaping the direction of the organisation as it continues to move forward and progress.
“I am so excited to be elected Chancellor,” says Ashleigh. “I’ve been working with the Fellowship for so many years now and I feel we are really at a pivotal point of growth. I’m so excited to not only be a part of that but to be able to make my mark on it too.”

For more info about the initiative, you can visit Fellowship Hair here.