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| August 8, 2020

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Rebecca Parker

No1 hair extension brand Racoon International has been busy working on plans for 2017, meeting in January with the Artistic team to discuss creative ideas for the upcoming year.

CEO Sue Davenport started proceedings with a business update that detailed key messages for the year ahead and some exciting new product developments, while Marketing Manager Lisa Trebaldi outlined plans to boost the company’s marketing with emphasis on digital media and trade channelsCreative Director Andrew Barton also echoed the importance of digital media and encouraged team members to make the most of their social media channels by publicising their salon successes and beautiful inspirational makeovers.

“The team and I love our artistic get-togethers,” says Andrew. “It sees us all getting creative thanks to like-minded individuals thinking and sharing for the collective good. These days are a great investment to keep us connected and aware of the needs of the business, as well as providing a platform for us to grow creatively together.”

After the initial business meeting the group practiced their practical hands-on creativity, styling new looks on mannequins for forthcoming photoshoots and show work.

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