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| April 24, 2024

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An Interview With Safy B

An Interview With Safy B
Sam Robinson

We chatted to Safy B about her journey to hairdressing stardom and what lies in the future for Safy B’s salon.

Safy B knew who she was from an early age. She’d only ever dreamed of being a Hairdresser and now she’s on cloud nine. With over twenty years in the industry and having opened her own salon in Aylesbury – Safy B’s not stopping any time soon. At the 2023 Salon Awards, Safy B’s Salon won seven awards for their hard work and dedication, with Safy herself picking up awards for Colourist of The Year and Extension Artist of the Year – and it’s only up from here.

Tell us about your hairdressing journey?
“I began my career in hairdressing over 16 years ago, which feels like yesterday. From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser; it was all I ever dreamed off. I loved playing with hair, styling hair, learning how to create new styles and was so drawn to the industry – this was the career path for me!”

Where did you start?
“I began my career in a local salon in the Lake District called ‘Gabrielles’, a little salon which gave me my start in hairdressing. I started learning the foundations here, cut, colour, styling and everything in between. I loved the salon atmosphere, the clients and the team. Whilst working at the salon, I also trained at college. I then moved onto Hair Lounge which was in Windermere and then I took the leap and moved south with my husband Andy, as he relocated for work. I then moved to Buckinghamshire where I worked in a salon for just over a year before moving to Aylesbury (where we live now) and joined a salon called DARE. I grew a strong and loyal clientele, and my colour work took off – I was known for my creative colour work and colour transformations”.

What’s your favourite aspect of hairdressing?
“Believe it or not, my favourite aspect of hairdressing is cutting! Whilst I love colouring, you can’t have good hair without a good cut! I’d recommend a client getting hair cut every 6 – 8 weeks! I know we all want long luscious hair, but to get long hair, you need to cut your hair! This will help hair to grow and stop hair from breaking!”

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the hairdressing industry?
“Practice makes perfect! You’re not meant to have all the answers straight away and you need to make mistakes to learn from them. Every day is a day to learn and grow from your mistakes, and especially in a fast-paced industry like hairdressing, there’s always something new to learn! Ask all your questions, listen to your colleagues and tutors, keep practicing and never stop developing!”.

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Do you need to have a niche in the hairdressing world?
“Yes and no! When I started running my own salon, I always pushed myself as an all rounded, but that didn’t make me stand out, so I started specialising in being a colour and salon. However, now along with having a niche in colour, I like to have my finger in lots of different pots to keep things interesting and fresh for myself!”.

What’s been a career highlight?
“It would have to be opening my own salon and seeing it grown over the years! Another career highlight has been getting to work on stage at trend shows and having my collections printed in the magazines I read religiously when I was younger! A real pinch me moment!”.

What’s the best thing Clients can do to look after their hair?
“I’d prescribe the right products for your client’s hair type and concerns, so shampoo, conditioner and styling products. My personal go to products is Goldwell’s Dualsenses Rich Repair shampoo and Goldwell’s Dualsenses Rich Repair 60 Sec Treatment. When my hair is curly, I love the KMS Curl Up Perfecting Lotion, and for when my hair is straight, my go-to is Unite’s Lazer Straight Style Relaxing Fluid”.

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What are your predicted hair trends for summer 2024?

  • Golden Hazelnut Blonde/Brown: I love warm honey and hazelnut tones, which blend to create a dimensional effect! This colour flatters every skin tone and suits every colour palette!
  • Peachy Pink: As we move into the warmer months, pastel blonde which peachy, pink tones will be making a comeback in a big way! This playful colour choice is perfect for those seeking a unique and vibrant look!
  • Cherry Cola: Dark red was one of the hottest colours of 2023 and 2024 will be no different. This shade is a deeper and darker take on the red trend, with an almost-blue undertone. This colour can bring a unique and bold twist to traditional red hair.

How do you keep up to date with the latest hair trends?
“I keep up to date with all the latest hair trends through the all the magazines! I love seeing who’s wearing what! I also look at celebrities, red-carpets and runways to see if there’s any trends with hair colours or styles. Social media is another great source for inspiration, I love seeing what my fellow hairdressers are getting up to and it’s one of the best ways to support the industry and industry magazines!”

How are you planning to become a more sustainable salon in 2024?
“To make our salon more sustainable in 2024, we’ve taken on Vish to help manage colour waste, as well as Green Salon Collective, which will ensure that none of our waste goes to the landfill. This could be hair and foils to colours tubes, even salon towels! 100% of the money raised from recycling the salons raw materials will go to charities like FoodCycle, Haircuts4Homeless, and Mossy Earth. We’ll also be introducing a small “green fee” for every salon visit, which will actively participate in recycling your colour tubes, foil and hair!”

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