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| October 26, 2020

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AlterEgo Italy: The Story Collection

AlterEgo Italy: The Story Collection
Sam Robinson

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a story of style combined classicism and the thrilling search for universal femininity. Celebrating Alter Ego Italy’s 30th anniversary. women and men own the strength of their beauty, and always leave a lasting impression…

The Story Collection 1 -

Hair: Leonardo Rizzo, Sanrizz International Creative Director for Alter Ego Italy.
Colour: Sharon Cox, Sanrizz International Education Director for Alter Ego Italy and Stefanie Fraccaro for Alter Ego Italy.
Make-Up: Silvia dell’Orto and Daniela Galeazzi.
Styling: Beatrice B, Antonella, Tricot Chic.
Photographs:Andrew O’Toole.

The Story Collection 2 -

‘Today’s woman is able to invent her own rules of attraction, like a modern-day fairy. It’s a story which merges past and present in the four seasons, and captures the evolution from tradition to modernity, looking at the past from another angle and giving it a new slant’ – Leonardo Rizzo.

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