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| April 19, 2021

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Adele Clarke Talks Banning Small Talk + Post Lockdown Hair Trends

Adele Clarke Talks Banning Small Talk + Post Lockdown Hair Trends
Sam Robinson

There has been rumours that there could be a ban of ‘small talk’ with The National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) stating that hairdressers and barbers should avoid face-to-face discussions with clients. The only conversations permitted are ones concerning cut, colour and treatments. Adele Clarke, Owner of Spectrum Hair Company, OSMO IKON Brand Ambassador has giving her thoughts on the potential ban.

“With us as hairdressers being naturally creative, caring people our initial instincts to hug and chat away will have to be fought back but this will come hard to a lot of us. For some clients the salon is the place they go to offload. One thing that I will be implementing when we reopen is video call consultations, that way I can find out all the necessary information before the client reaches the salon keeping the conversation to a minimum when they are in the chair.”

Limited Times

The National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) has also suggested that treatment times should be limited to control the spread of COVID-19 and it is said that the bob may be one of the most hygienic haircuts. 

The Bob 

“In this new era of Super Clean, Ultra hygienic times ahead, now is the perfect time to be thinking of what will be your new normal when Hairdressers Independence Day is finally here. A massive trend prediction on the lips of so many top stylists is the bob. With so many variations there is always the bob of the moment and with us returning from work and advice being to be jumping in the shower when entering our homes we are needing something quick and easy to look after more than ever before. A style that takes only 10 minutes to blowdry whilst looking chic and contemporary has got to be a god send in everybody’s day. We will be more inclined to keep good habits with frequent shampooing and this has to be a good thing. Not too short for those who like some volume and with a choice of different ways of styling for every day or going out, what’s not to love? This timeless cut also grows out beautifully meaning a client can visit either frequently to keep the shape sharp but still looks so good as lengths forms and develops through some lovely shapes as time goes on. So keep your eyes peeled for the post lockdown trend of the bob. There will be variations and collections of this cool cut everywhere,” – Adele Clarke. 

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