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| November 23, 2020

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Adele Clarke Shares Her Lockdown Hair Tips + Product Picks

Adele Clarke Shares Her Lockdown Hair Tips + Product Picks
Sam Robinson

Adele Clarke, Owner of Spectrum Hair Company and OSMO IKON Brand Ambassador shares her tips and product picks to help your clients look after their hair during lockdown. 

OSMO Colour Revive

If you are in limbo and don’t know when your next colour appointment will be this colour treatment helps fight the fade in just 3 minutes. Infused with Avocado Oil and Linseed Oil, this formula helps restore vibrancy, leaving hair looking and feeling luxe and lustrous. Simply shampoo and towel dry hair, then apply Colour Revive to hair in sections and comb through. Leave for approximately 3-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly, available in 13 different shades. RRP £13.95, available from

Top Tip

“For the brightest results apply over pre-lightened hair and leave for 30 mins before rinsing. Adding a little Wild Black to your mix will add mood, shadow and depth to your shade. On the other side of the scale to make a beautiful pastel blue use the OSMO Tamer to give a pastel, more delicate shade.” 

Tame The Frizz

Take a look in your kitchen cupboards, if you have olive, coconut, avocado or castor oil you have the capability to greatly improve the health of your hair and scalp. Either massage them directly into your hair or add to your everyday conditioner to make a deeper more intense treatment. 

Moisture Boost

Do you have an old bottle of Vitamin E capsule’s nearing their use by date? Snip them and use them in your body creams and conditioner for a little extra care. All these natural ingredients make excellent skin and hair moisture boosters.

The Ultimate Cover Up

Ran out of dry shampoo? Try this, mix corn/rice starch and baking soda with a little cocoa for darker hair and one drop of lavender oil, apply with a makeup brush and leave in for a few minutes. Brush out and it will freshen your roots up a treat. Maybe add a little of your favourite smelling talc.

For more info on the featured brands, please visit Osmo here, and Spectrum Hair Company here.