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| August 6, 2020

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Sam Robinson

Additional Lengths have joined forces with Blue Light to offer NHS Staff and fellow emergency workers to give a 15% discount off their orders as a thank you for their sacrifices and care.

Reaching Out

Moved by the role of key workers during the recent COVID pandemic the management team reached out to Blue Light to become one of their partners and offer something back to those in the emergency services.

Mood Booster

Managing Director, Victoria Lynch, explains more “We all know someone who is a part of the emergency services and working tirelessly for us. They all deserve some TLC back and getting your hair done is always a mood booster, as is, some self-care beauty time at home. The Blue Light scheme is a really easy way for all our Blue Light workers can easily access our site and order what they want and need, and with the added treat of a discount as a thank you for their service. We are proud to be a part of this scheme.”

Extra Discount

With salons around the UK already offering their own initiatives to give back to the NHS and fellow keyworkers, this extra discount allows the Blue Light members further financial support at this time. Additional Lengths are the parent company of well-known luxury hair brand Remi Cachet, and stockists for the likes of ghd, Moroccan Oil and Malibu C to name a few.

For more information on who qualifies and the offers available, visit Blue Light Card here.