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| November 27, 2020

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Abi Fletcher of Eleventh Hour Dishes Her digital return to work tips

Abi Fletcher of Eleventh Hour Dishes Her digital return to work tips
Sam Robinson

We caught up with the Founder of Eleventh Hour Beauty, Abi Fletcher to talk digital return to work tips. Here’s what she advises. 

Maintain Relationships

“When a client is in our chair, we can be equal parts hair/beauty expert and therapist/life coach, so don’t waste all of those years you’ve spent building valuable relationships and establishing a loyal client base. Now’s the time to keep in touch and ensure you’re their first port of call when the lockdown is lifted. It’s essential that you maintain your relationships with clients, as this will help you intercept DIY disasters like box dyes or home lash lifts. You know that they will be an instant regret, and that’s not to mention, a nightmare to try and fix!

Prepare for Reopening

It’s possible that salons will need to run on an appointments-only basis. If your business uses a ‘walk-in’ policy it may be beneficial to implement an online booking system. There is a listing availability on Eleventh Hour Beauty allowing your customers to book an appointment when they need one. Having somewhere online to make direct booking will also allow you to have some work/life balance. You don’t want to be answering booking enquiries late at night or first thing in the morning because this is often the only time clients have time to organise their own life.

Since the start of this pandemic, it has become second nature to use the internet to find everything we need. Whether that be ordering groceries or socialising with friends, everyone is more tech-savvy than before. Once restrictions are lifted you can bet the first place people will go to search for a hair or beauty appointment will be the internet. So, make sure you have a strong online presence and your social media is attractive as well as informative.

Be Prepared

Several brands and educators, including BARBICIDE®, are offering free online courses. They have been created to ensure that your workplace is working in accordance with the Government’s guidelines to stop the spread of Coronavirus, whilst implementing guidelines from respected organisations like the National Hair & Beauty Federation. I would definitely recommend using this time to prepare by enrolling onto one of these courses, to assure your customers that you have their best interests at heart.”- Abi Fletcher. 

To find out more about the brand, you can visit Eleventh Hour Beauty here.