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| November 27, 2020

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A Shining Start for the ClubStar Art Team

A Shining Start for the ClubStar Art Team
Sam Robinson

ClubStar is the youth arm of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing, offering discounted membership to hairdressers aged 16-25. As well as the benefits enjoyed by all members of the Fellowship – free events, education and the opportunity to present on stage – ClubStar members are also entitled to apply for the Art Team.

About The Team

This elite team of emerging talent get to enjoy a year-long program of mentoring, education and events, as well a shoot of their own with an expert team. The 2019 team recently enjoyed their debut meeting, hosted at the ghd studio in Soho. Team Leader Simon Tuckwell was host for the day, which started with icebreaker introductions and an inspiring look at the exciting year of events ahead.

The Tasks

The team were then tasked with presenting moodboards to the rest of the group with the aim of sharing their aesthetic and showcasing their existing work and achievements. “Not only did we have to stand up and present,” says team member Ciara Darcy, “But we also had to get used to presenting within a time limit. Simon gave us one minute and fifteen seconds to talk, but didn’t tell us when our times were up. We had to try figure it out ourselves which proved harder than we thought!”

Team Work

Next, the group paired off and rehearsed presenting step-by-steps to get used to talking about their work. Finally, the team practised interacting with a crowd, by sharing three facts about themselves with the rest of the group; with one lie and two truths. The rest of the team then had to ask questions to unearth the lie.

Gaining Confidence

“By the end of the day we all felt more confident and less nervous about the year ahead,” says Ciara. “I left buzzing about everything to come and can’t wait for our next date with Jonathan Andrew in February. A big thank you to Simon for everything he’s doing for us, and a big thanks to the Fellowship for giving us this amazing opportunity!”

Follow #csartteam19 on social media to follow the team over the next 12 months.

ClubStar Art Team 2019

Jemma Clemas, Seckingtons Hair Salon
Ciara Darcy, Bad Apple Hair
Eloise Dudley, RUSH Kensington
Georgina Kemnitz-Pryor, Karoliina Saunders Hair Design
Stuart Kimber, Spargo Hairdressing
April Mash, Strangeways
India Sparacia, Sculpture Salon
Sophia Tsilidis, Headmasters Soho

For more information about the initiative, visit Fellowship Hair here.