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| October 20, 2021

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7 easy ways to Step It Up this Recycle Week

7 easy ways to Step It Up this Recycle Week
Sam Robinson

The opportunities to recycle are everywhere with this week’s motto for Recycle Week as Step It Up for climate change, Remi Cachet share 7 tips stylists can get involved with just a few changes to make a difference and to help pass on your knowledge to your clients in the chair to get them involved too.


1) The amount of product you use. Our aftercare range is a professional range, specifically formulated to care for the hair extension you don’t need as much as you think. Be mindful when at the backwash to reduce how much you take and bear in mind the client’s hair length with shorter locks needing less product. This is something to share and educate your client as they are often not aware of the correct way to wash extensions.

2) The number of times they wash their hair. Another education point for extension wearers to maybe reduce the number of times they wash their hair. We only recommend washing your hair once or twice a week at most, so share tips for stretching this out with hair ups.

3) The times they opt for a fresh set. Between high quality hair and better aftercare, the hair extensions will ensure they last longer. For example, the Elegance hair range will last at least 12 months with options to re-tip the extensions where needed to make sure they get more from the extension set they have before they go for a new set. 


1) Our aftercare bottles. Working with the 1L backwashes you can promote a refill service with clients when they come for maintenance appointments. This doubles up as a handy way to check they are using the right aftercare products on the hair.

2) Our packaging. The hair pouches are a handy way to store hair between appointments, keeping it sealed and safe from spills and smells. Encourage clients to keep their gift boxes for the clips in and hair piece range to safely store the hair nicely between wears. If not, they make pretty storage units for those bobby pins to crafts at home. Time to get creative and upcycle! 


1) All our packaging is recyclable. If you haven’t got a nifty way to reuse them, then make sure you put everything into your recycling for collection. 

2) All our hair is recyclable. The Hair Recycling Scheme we have run for many years now, so you never need to bin a set of extensions again. And the best bit, we accept any brand of extensions as it’s all going to such a good cause with the charity A Matter of Trust who use the hair in their hair mats that keep the waterways and oceans clean from debris and oil. Find out more and how to return hair here:
Don’t forget to shout about your greener ways to show just how easy it is to reduce, reuse and recycle to make a difference to climate change and a more sustainable hair industry.