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| January 18, 2020

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Sam Robinson

We love learning about your hair careers and inspiring our readers, so this week we’ve caught up with Krysia Eddery of Perfectly Posh Hair Design to talk all things hair!  

Tell us about your background and how you got into hairdressing

I’m an army child and we travelled around a lot when I was younger so I never really did well at school and was always interested in the arts. I was always more a creative and initially wanted to be an interior designer, I was going to go to college and study art but in the summer holidays found a job advert for an apprenticeship in hairdressing and thought training and working at something might be cool. I fell in to hairdressing but once I started I absolutely fell in love with it. During my first few years I had lots of knocks back in my personal life but I found that helped me be a stronger person in my career and I am proud of where I am today.

What was your inspiration when opening Perfectly Posh?

My inspiration when opening my own salon was my children. I wanted them to see that I was a hard working mother and that you can put ur mind to anything you want no matter what situation you are in. I had become a single mother just before opening the salon and my biggest inspiration was to be someone in my children’s eyes. I am so glad I took the leap as my career is so rewarding.

Your favourite thing about your salon?

One of my favourite things about the salon is that we used reclaimed/reusable materials and showcase them throughout the salon. I take a great sense of pride in the fact that a number of features within the salon are from recycled material and I love that we have given old tatty items a second lease of life. I am also very proud of the light I created in the backwash area myself.
I am also very proud of my team, they are all excellent at what they do and we are all so passionate about this industry. I think this is crucial in terms of running a successful salon.

What tips would you give to someone looking to be more green as a salon owner?

In today’s climate it is more important than ever that we all make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and treat our environment and planet with more care and concern. Our environmental footprint as an industry collectively is catastrophic and it is our duty to strive to reduce this and be much kinder to our planet and do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.
Any hairdressing salon uses a large amount of electricity, water, plastic, energy, etc. as a salon owner it is our responsibility to be aware of this and do our best to understand how you can reduce this carbon footprint.

I find by being aware of how a business impacts the wider environment is an excellent starting point. As we are an Aveda concept salon we are fully aware of how we can be kinder to the planet and work hard to ensure we are leaders not just in the world of beauty but around the world too. Make a conscious effort to understand just how you are impacting the environment, small things like single use towels and plastic shampoo bottles have a large impact when we are in such a vast industry so every small effort helps. Ask your energy provider to conduct an energy audit of your salon and provide you with some suggestions to aid this.

Hold monthly staff meetings to educate your staff on consumption and the benefits of becoming a more sustainable salon. Be passionate and inspiring to encourage your team to really get behind this initiative, explain the immeasurable benefits of your actions to reduce consumption and in turn, your carbon footprint. When your team work in harmony to achieve a common goal, it is far more likely that you will succeed so come up with creative and inspiring ways to becoming a sustainable salon and motivate your team to support this. 

For more info on the brand, check out Perfectly Posh Hair Design here.