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| October 21, 2020

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Joanne Charlton

You’ve bounced back to business in style and now you’re looking at ideas to keep momentum going. As we head toward the festive season and beyond, the guys at milk_shake believe now marks the ideal time to expand your colour service menu and push the benefits of semi-permanent colour. 

When it comes to bumping up your services – and ultimately revenue – colour creates a host of opportunities. And we’re not just talking regular appointments, but in-between colour services, which not only see an increased client spend per head but a significant rise in re-book rates.  

Andrew Smith is a milk_shake Ambassador and owner of three Hampshire based award-winning salons. Talking about the key to his success he says: “I have three key objectives: 1. Delight clients with beautiful hair; 2. Ensure my team are well educated and equipped to be creative and deliver our client promise and 3. Drive repeat business, new business and ultimately increase profit.

“It sounds simple and obvious and it is with the correct products, the right knowledge and a team of well-educated hairdressers,” he adds.

Andrew goes on to share that he has noticed an improvement in regularity of visits and client loyalty since the salon has focused on educating the client on their colour journey and offering them a more extensive service menu.   

“After lockdown, we introduced a Back To Blonde Menu, which has gone down a treat with clients who love to play around with tones. We also have a lot of Balayage and Root Stretch clients.

“I hear so many salon owners worrying that the demand for Balayage and Root Stretch will automatically reduce the annual spend per client because it’s a lower maintenance colour. We’ve found that really doesn’t have to be the case if you make sure they’re well educated on how to keep their colour beautiful.

“We’ve found our more extensive service menu has encouraged them to visit more regularly for blonde toners and milk_shake Smoothie treatments to keep their colour fresh, rich and vibrant.”

Semi-permanent boom

Reports of a rapid rise in demand for semi-permanent colours are the result of savvy salon owners and creative colourists who recognise that there is a genuine need to get semi-permanent colouring back onto their client’s radar.

Hair brands are noticing the increased demand for their semi-permanent ranges too; milk_shake has recorded a whopping 25% increase in sales of their Smoothies range over the last 12 month period.

Smoothies are a gentle, ammonia-free cream colourant that contain milk proteins, organic honey, sunflower oil, fruit extracts and special amino acids, so they cater to the ingredients-conscious client and the ones who like to experiment.

“The range promotes beautifully toned blondes and vibrant, healthy hues that are full of vitality and shine – exactly what your clients are wanting!” says milk_shake UK Education Manager, Josie Newman