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| May 31, 2020

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iSalon release the new balayage of the software market

iSalon release the new balayage of the software market
Sam Robinson

iSalon work with their customers to ensure they are releasing relevant and innovative products that really help salons make better business decisions and make their day-to-day salon life easier. Command Centre has been created to give iSalon a hybrid approach in the market.

About The System

By having the salon system installed locally salons can be rest assured that their system will never have any down-time with internet fails or servers going down. Whilst the new cloud based Command Centre gives users the flexibility to remotely access and edit information at any time and from anywhere in the world. Command Centre is currently built up of four modules. All iSalon customers receive the settings module for free and the other modules can be added on, on a flexible monthly contract or yearly in advance

The New Features: Four Modules

  • Settings; complete management of your team members and setup, including changing staff pins, skills and reshaping of the appointment book. iSalon wants to make staff management easy and stress-free, there will be no need to rush back to the salon if you need to make a quick admin change and this can be implemented across multiple sites.
  • Price Book Manager; indivudally editing the price list of services and products can be such a headache along with discounts and packages. With this module prices can be amended and then executed out in real-time so any urgent stock amends can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. This prices can be amended at one site if picked or multiple sites with just the click of a button.
  • Marketing; marketing is so important to grow your salon business and keep customers loyal. If you want to set all your marketing campaigns from the comfort of your own home this module is for you. Marketing uses real-time data to effectively drill down and send out really specific campaigns. A handy built in character count ensures you are aware of how many characters you have in the message. Sending out simple yet effective marketing campaigns via text has never been so easy.or as effective in driving bookings, loyalty and engagement with salon customers.
  • Reporting; long gone are the days of waiting for reports to load! If you’re looking to obtain information quickly the reporting module syncs real-time data and allows the user to pull data rapidly from all of their salons so it can be viewed anywhere, anytime. This feature starts at group level but the reports are so in-depth you can drill down to individual team members in different salons.

Revolutionary New Approach

iSalon are proud to be continually expanding their offering and keeping up to date with features that really help their customers run their businesses with increase efficiency. They know how vital it is to have a salon system that brings together the resilience and flexibility to make running a salon as easy as possible which is why iSalon cannot wait to show customers and potential new customers in the industry what a revolution their new hybrid approach is.

Terms and Conditions

– The settings element is free to all iSalon clients.
– Modules can be added to the Command centre for a monthly fee on a rolling contract.
– Due to software installation, the iSalon Appointment Book and Notes will never go offline.

For more info, visit iSalon Software here or Contact iSalon Software on 01522 887200.