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| November 26, 2020

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Trevor Sorbie’s New Homegrown Talent

Trevor Sorbie’s New Homegrown Talent
Sam Robinson

The Trevor Sorbie Vardering programme is as tough as ever; robust, demanding, relentless – and totally worth it, because the quality of hairdressing produced by the Trevor Sorbie brand is unparalleled!

The Talent

The sheer talent that has walked the floors of the Trevor Sorbie salons is like a who’s who of British hairdressing icons – Vivienne McKinder, Eugene Souliman, Angelo Seminara, Sally Brooks, Jamie Brooks, Antoinette Beenders and now their incredible Artistic Director Tom Connell. They’ve all been through the intensive six-week Vardering programme themselves and know full well that passing it is a cause for celebration!

The Education Programme

After three years on the assistant education programme, Harry Wiffen, Tamara Honcharenko and Ronja Langhout have just completed and passed a month of Vardering, ending in a final test of skill and character. During this time, they have been taken through three haircuts per day in order to refine their work. The final test consists of a presentation of 11 models to founder and legend Trevor Sorbie and Artistic Director Tom Connell.

The Vardering Test

“Everyone going through the Vardering test is tested on the same 11 techniques,” says Tom. “However, each test feels completely different due to the individuality of the hairdresser.” Each model’s look and haircut is checked thoroughly for balance, shape and suitability – before the Varderers are told their results.

Its Purpose

“The purpose of the Vardering is two-fold,” explains Trevor. “It helps the new team member hone their skills to our standards, while also teaching our philosophy and beliefs, so that we all have the same vision in our work. Everyone in this company has to go through this experience, without exception. Not only is it beneficial for the hairdresser involved, but it also creates an incredibly strong team spirit.”

The Final Test

Tom says “This week is what Harry, Tamara and Ronja had been working towards; the final test. This is an extremely difficult process which is why we were all so delighted to have all three of them pass with flying colours. We are excited to watch them grow and develop into great hairdressers.” Harry and Tamara will be based in the Covent Garden Salon on Floral Street, while Ronja will be working from the Hampstead location.

To find out more about the brand and its products, visit Trevor Sorbie here.