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| October 26, 2020

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Discover The Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team Updates

Discover The Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team Updates
Sam Robinson

The Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team has never been a stronger and more creative place. Drawing from each team members individual styles and strengths, ensures that each collection breaks new ground in what’s possible with hair.

In Constant Demand

From the iconic freehand colour work by Creative Colour Director John Spanton, to the original concepts of Artistic Director Tom Connell, this team strive to continue Trevor’s legacy of challenging the status quo. While in constant demand for show, education and editorial work across the globe the Trevor Sorbie Artistic team continue to keep the craft of original hairdressing at the core of everything they do.


Moving up from Art Team 2 and moving into the Art Team is Davide Spinelli. Davide joined Trevor Sorbie over 4 years ago. His dedication to cutting hair quickly propelled him onto the education team and soon after followed his appointment to AT2, a junior art team set up to develop young talent in the company. After 2 Years of development Davide’s passion and original way of thinking caught the attention of Trevor and Tom Connell who invited him to sit his Artistic Team test, an hour-long seminar watched by the whole company. His 4 years of dedication and commitment culminated in Davide passing his test and taking his position on the Trevor Sorbie Artistic team.

A Word From Tom Connell

Tom Connell says, “Davide Spinelli has a very unique way of thinking which is invaluable to me when constructing our shoot and show concepts. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with him on our future projects.”

The Trevor Sorbie Art Team

  • Tom Connell – Artistic Director
  • John Spanton – Creative Colour Director
  • Tiziana Di Marcelli – Head of Education
  • Ryan Forsythe – Director/Head of Education Covent Garden
  • Nathan Walker – International Technical Director
  • James Bacon – Director/Head of Education Hampstead
  • Caroline Schmitt – Top Stylist, Covent Garden Zak Twohig – Technical Director, Covent Garden
  • Davide Spinelli- Top Stylist, Covent Garden

The Trevor Sorbie AT2 Tom Arnett

  • Sasho Kremich
  • Emma Bavin
  • Jamie Lynn
  • Bella Chouhan
  • Lilly Clare
  • Ben Bradley
  • Pete Bird

To find out more about the brand, visit Trevor Sorbie here.