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| June 1, 2020

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Just In Time For Summer: New Fudge Products

Just In Time For Summer: New Fudge Products
Sam Robinson

Just in time for Summer, Fudge Professional are launching two brilliant new styling products: Mineral Paste and Salt Spray.

Meet Salt Spray

Surfer girl hair is a signature Fudge Professional look, and after a decade of delivering deliciously care-free waves and being a kit bag must-have of super star stylist Sam McKnight, Fudge Professional.

Salt Spray is reborn. Creating the same windswept beach looks, but boasting brand new UVisiShield Technology and marine-rich ingredients, the future-forward formulation produces raw, full bodied results while remaining hair friendly.

Rich in natural vitamins and minerals with Giant Sea Kelp, Red Algae and Ocean Salt Minerals, the Fudge Professional Salt Spray adds gritty texture and body to flat hair, while UVisiShield technology helps strengthen and protect hair from damage and dryness all day long.

Key Features

– Hold Factor 5: Medium
– Marine-rich complex
– Provides body and hold with crunch.
– Provides all day bodifying texture, especially to flat hair.
– Conditions and strengthens – Added UV protection
– For medium to long hair – For all hair types including coarse and coloured hair.
– Paraben-Free
– Against animal testing

Hero Ingredients

– UVisiShield Technology – with added UV protection, moisturisers, Vitamin B5 and sea minerals.
  Helps combat harsh environmental effects, leaving hair feeling soft to the touch and natural.
– Ocean Sea Salts – provide the natural minerals, including magnesium sulphate with its astringent
   properties, required for healthy hair and scalp.
– Marine Sea Crystals – give roughed up natural texture and thickness, creating natural looking

RRP £12.95 for 150ML. 

Fudge Professional Mineral Paste -

New Mineral Paste

NEW Fudge Professional Mineral Paste gives short sculpted styles and messy mid-length manes a surfer dude vibe that can be re-moulded into shape but still achieving a casual result. The salt-infused formulation produces tactile, tousled texture with all day hold and hydration.

Get rough and rugged with hydrating Fudge Professional Mineral Paste, infused with Ocean Salts. Vitamin-rich Japanese Sea Kelp and hydrating Shea Butter help provide texture, volume and day long shine. Fudge Professional’s unique UVisiShield technology helps strengthen and protect hair from damage and dryness and the rich blend of Beeswax, Castor and Carnauba oils condition, protect, nourish and moisturise. Fudge Professional Mineral Paste washes out easily with no build-up, making it the go-to groomer for guys digging the designer disheveled look.

Ultra-wearable windswept looks are easily and comfortably achieved. Scrunch for beach waves, work into roots for that textured hair vibe or even stroke onto beards for an anti-frizz action; work Fudge Professional Mineral Paste your way!

Hero Ingredients

– UVisiShield Technology – rich natural waxes, moisturisers and Vitamin B5 protect hair and repel harsh environmental factors.
– Ocean Salt – gritty thickening effect provides beach texture and windswept waves.
– Japanese Sea Kelp – rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and amino acids. Combats free radical damage.
– Shea Butter – essential fatty acids nourish and moisturise the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth

What It Does

– Hold Factor 6 – Medium
– Non-stick texture, just the slick
– Conditions and nourishes
– Veneer shine properties
– Tames flyaways and frizz
– Easily washes out leaving no residues

RRP £12.95 for 85g

For more information on the new products, visit Fudge Professional here.