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| October 26, 2020

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Going Vegan With Organic Colour Systems & Uplift Organic Hair

Going Vegan With Organic Colour Systems & Uplift Organic Hair
Sam Robinson

Whether you’re fully vegan or just have an interest in organic products, it’s a lifestyle trend that’s going nowhere soon. So, with vegan this and organic that filling our social media feeds, we’ve decided to venture further into the trend by visiting the new Manchester vegan salon, Uplift Organic Hair, and exploring its colouring process using Organic Colour Systems.

Uplift Organic Hair Salon -

The Owners

Based in Greater Manchester, the salon is owned by the lovely sisters Jade Snell and Bronte Robinson, who are both vegans and extremely passionate about the hairdressing world. Bronte has spent two years working on organic farms and in an organic salon in Australia before returning to the UK with a desire to introduce something similar here, and that’s exactly what she’s done.

The Salon

Everything about the salon is organic and vegan from the Organic Colour Systems range which it uses, to the almond milk popped into your complimentary cups of tea. Their goal is to be as eco friendly as possible and are in the process of changing plastic disposable capes to early dry capes which are sustainable and biodegradable. Changing disposable plastic processing caps to reusable shower type caps, and switching to a more eco-friendly foil.

Uplift Organic Hair Owner Bronte -

Is OCS or Uplift Organic Hair For You?

1) They use Organic Colour systems which pride themselves on the fact they use the maximum amount of organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals. Hair responds better to natural ingredients, there is no need for harsh chemicals to achieve great colour .

2) All the ingredients used in the Organic Colour Systems products that they use are ethically sourced and processed carefully in order to protect the environment. #NoGMO.

3) No nasty smells! You can sit and enjoy your salon experience without the harsh smell of ammonia invading your nostrils.

4)They are VEGAN and cruelty free you can relax knowing that there are NO animal ingredients used in their salon and No animals were hurt in the making of their fabulous colours.

5) Last but not least they are a passionate team wanting to give you a fantastic service, flawless hair and leave you feeling energised and Uplifted.

About Organic Colour Systems

The salon uses OCS, and the base of the colour is not only alkaline, so it raises the pH of the hair, and it also has a conditioning agent which softens the cuticle. It works at a far lower pH than ammonia, making it a far gentler way to colour the hair. Bronte and Jade explained to us that opting for OCS has increased the amount of clients in their salon as people are looking for healthier ways to dye their hair

wet stretch test -

Step By Step

Here’s a rundown of the colouring process which we experienced.

1) For optimum results, the protein, moisture and pH levels of the hair must be correct, so the Wet Stretch Test is carried out to see exactly which Organic Colour Systems products that your hair needs. A few strands of hair are sprayed and stretched between two fingers. Healthy hair should stretch around 30% of its length and return, whereas hair which stretches and doesn’t return is weak in protein. Hair which doesn’t stretch is low in moisture, and hair which stretches and breaks is low in both protein and moisture.

2) Hair was washed with a clarifying shampoo to take it to its ideal pH, then with a protein shampoo to restore.

3) Hair was left in a revamp treatment for 15 mins, then rinsed off with warm water.

4) Foils were applied and left to take.

5) Foils were removed. Hair was firstly washed with Shampoo Status Quo Silver to keep yellow tones down and blondes bright, then with a protein shampoo.

6) A protein conditioner was left on the hair for 5 minutes.

7) Hair was spritzed with the leave in Aqua Boost conditioner and Status Quo heat protect before being blow-dried.

8) All appointments end with a prescription as the right products are important for not only maintaining your colour but healthy hair also.

The end hair result -

Next Steps

Aside to their hair prescription, clients can even take away a positive affirmation! It’s not everyday that you meet people who light you up, and Bronte and Jade are an inspiring pair with big plans for their salon and vegan offerings. Armed with a host of knowledge about the salon’s products, and truly passionate about the organic hair care industry, it’s a treat to step inside their salon. 

Find out more about the salon Uplift Organic Hair here or Organic Colour Systems here.