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| July 26, 2021

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Collection Focus: Sens.U’s Humanz

Collection Focus: Sens.U’s Humanz
Rebecca Parker

We love to explore a new collection, and this one has definitely caught our eye. Take a look at some of its key looks and let us know what you think. 

HUMANZ Model look 1 -

This is Humanz

Strong, feminine, rock. A collection with an assertive, sexy spirit that is perfectly at home in tough, rough environments. A Total Black war where women rule and fight for their supremacy in a post-industrial land. A place where their gentle, feminine side contrasts with their androgynous side. An idea of themselves in a real world.

HUMANZ Model 2 Look -

Hair: Luigi Martini, Chiara Pirrone, Jude Rizzo, Alessandro Marchetti, Mayla Fabbriciani, Enrico Franci, Amedea Terenziani, Giovanni Napolitano, Marta Maurizi
Photographer: Mauro Mancioppi | Fashion Stylist: Fabio Mercurio | MUA: Barbara Ciccognani Hair Concept: Luigi Martini | Colour Concept: Technical Team | Creative Director: Gian Enrico Barbagli

HUMANZ Model 3 look -

For more information visit Humanz here.