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| May 22, 2019

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Take the challenge

Take the challenge
Joanne Charlton

Amazing fashion meets stunning hairdressing artistry – that’s Goldwell Color Zoom. At its heart there’s the Color Zoom Collection. Designed by the Global Winners of the Color Zoom Challenge together with two of Goldwell’s International Artists it inspires stylists to push the limits of their creativity.

Now you can push the limits of your creativity by taking part in the Color Zoom Challenge and re-interpreting the ELEMENTAL Collection and making it your own.

Become a national winner and you’ll make it to the grand finale of the Color Zoom Challenge at the Global Zoom Event in Toronto 2018, one of the biggest events in the hairdresser scene.

It’s an opportunity to meet stylists from all around the world and broaden your creativity, share priceless moments and make long-term friends.


Take the challenge and represent your country at your national Color Zoom Challenge. Beyond exposing your skills and boosting your career, it’s about discovering hidden talents. Now’s the time to express your creativity and enjoy spending time with people who share your passion.

Step into the Color Zoom spotlight.