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| May 29, 2020

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Express your creativity

Express your creativity
Joanne Charlton

Colour artists everywhere listen up! Wella Professionals is unleashing a semi-permanent colour line that fades true to tone, for beautiful pastel shades that last up to 20 washes. 

It means you can get creative, safe in the knowledge your creation will keep getting better, long after the client leaves the salon.

It’s time to join Wella Professionals #COLORCREATORS and turn your client’s inspiration into reality with Color Fresh Create.

Sonya Dove, Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist has and is already a huge fan saying: “What I love about the arrival of Color Fresh CREATE is I now have the ability to expand my color communication in more imaginative ways.

“Every hue in the portfolio is richly saturated and has a unique personality that provokes the next level of artistry for me. I’m inspired to want to get to know each character and what they’re capable of alone, together, or in ways unimaginable!”


Made up of 12 expressive colors and one clear shade, Wella Professionals Color Fresh CREATE was co-created with Global Creative Artists Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, First Lady Of Nails OPI Founder; Clayde Baumann, Wella UK Top Artist; Jutta Gsell, Wella Dach Top Artist; Alexis Ferrer, Wella Global Creative Artist; Ash Crocker, Wella Australia Top Artist; Sonya Dove, Wella Global Creative Artist; Egidio Borri, Wella Italy Top Artist; Reiner Sauter, Wella VP Creative Hair and Jason Gray, Wella Global Creative Artist.

It is a true creative, semi-permanent* color cream which fades true to tone over time and pastelises during each wash, gradually fading into beautiful soft pastel hues and lasting up to 20 washes*.

Thanks to the carefully selected dyes that avoid an off tone fade, clients can enjoy full creative freedom. Its Precision Cream formula enables controlled application and unlimited coloring techniques too, while it’s also free of ammonia, fragrance and peroxide.

Expressive color is here and ready to go mainstream. Join Wella Professionals #COLORCREATORS and turn your client’s inspiration into reality with Color Fresh Create.

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