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| March 2, 2021

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Rebecca Parker

Wella Education aims to support every hairdresser in their career journey, bringing over 135 years’ experience with industry leading education. Wella Education is available anytime, anywhere, 24/7. It is brought to you by a network of studios, in salon education, collective sessions, e-Education and inspirational events.

Simon Blowers Director, Baiss & Co Advanced. Ipswich, shares his experience of his partnership with Wella.

 How long has Wella been your brand partner? 

I have been working with Wella for around ten years now.

Tell us about the education you have participated in over the last couple of years, including in-salon and external. 

We do large amount of education with Wella and have done for many years. We normally send our staff to the London academy for their courses. We find this the most effective way of training our staff externally.

  What do you think is so good about Wella education? 

It’s really dedicated – the whole system is working for the common purpose of educating the professional hairdresser, and the educators are at the top of their game and hugely professional and knowledgeable.

 What is the best Wella course you’ve been on? Tell us about it? 

Master Colour Programme without doubt is the best course in the portfolio. It is so in-depth and incredibly advanced.

We push this massively in the salon and once you’re qualified it gives you genuine scope to build your business.

 Have you tried out Wella’s online education? How did you find it to use?  


 Why do you think education is important?  

It is the key to expanding your business. If you are serious about growing your business and improving standards, you simply have to broaden your knowledge and embark on great education.

 How do you use Wella to ensure your staff are the best out there?  

We fully embrace their training and once completed, we maximise the opportunities it gives us in the salon.

Start planning your 2017 education today, Discover the full offering of Wella education by downloading the Interactive Education Book 2017.