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| September 27, 2021

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£1 Charity Donation Campaign Raises £1000

£1 Charity Donation Campaign Raises £1000
Sam Robinson

Hairdresser, Darrel Hall from Taylors Hair Studio in Chapel St Leonards, Skegness, recently donated £1000 to The Hairdressers’ Charity following his personal fundraising goal to simply donate £1 from every customer, to reach his target.

Promoting The Cause

“I’d become aware of the charity through industry friends and the trade press and wanted to show my support. Not everyone is in a fortunate position in life and work, and this charity is helping my fellow hairdressers who’ve fallen on hard times. Opting to donate a £1 from each hair appointment was a quick and easy way to raise the money. I kept a tally on social media to help promote the cause and show the success. It was simple to manage too, after each client’s bill was put through the till, I physically took £1 and put it into the charity donation box, when it was full, I took it into the bank and added to our business savings account. My accountant was able to then balance the donation at the end of the tax year and put it through as a charity donation too. It was so simple to do and hope other hairdressers will be inspired to do it too,” – Darrel Hall. 

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Giving £1

The Hairdressers’ Charity is recognised as the official charity of the industry and was established in 1853. It needs to raise over £150,000 per year to help hairdressers in need. The charity supports over 40 children and approximately 80 adult beneficiaries each year. “The charity has regularly championed that if every person that worked in the hair industry gave £1 then its fundraising goal would be met; Darrel went over and beyond with his fantastic achievement, and we very grateful for his enthusiasm and support of us. We hope that others see this simple initiative and are encouraged to do something similar within their business too,” says co-President of The Hairdressers’ Charity, Philip Sharp from ASP. 

For more information, please visit The Hairdressers Charity here.